Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tuan Hj Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Zain (Cikgu Zaini) MY LATE DAD. (Mom, be strong kay!) Sunday morning. Times is heading 4 the hills... You know as my mum always said, "Housechores cud never end anyway...if there's a family surely there's a whole lot mess to be swept away n sort out!" I'm a fulltime mum (xceptional when got class going...but still in the house!!) I 'm running a home based tuition in the living room( which doesn't exist at all) There 're 3 tables instead of luxury sofa(housewives gallantly boasting in their talks if I may say so...) spreading there, 1 row of my constituent component of teaching;a printer,5 piled up document-trays, PC & of course an array of unmark papers, really is an office!! But the probelm PC & printer are busted! Not good 4 my biz eh..?What to do..class has to go on...thanks.. with the assist of my son's lappy. I love teaching and it is not an easy task to perform.You had to have a big heart! This all talking about teaching made my mind drifted onto somebody very speciall & dear to dad, Cikgu Hj Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Zain. I'm thinking about my late dad..he's a great dad, teacher , instructor & a headmaster. Cud you all imagine for the past 30 years of serving as a teacher, he only had taken 3days leave...thus I was aghast when heard 4 the first time at a specially ceremony which held by the previous Menteri Besar Perak, 4 all his old n nearlly forgotten teachers at Grik in 2004. The award was given by the Perak Deputy MB that specific year. My dad had a grand standing ovation from all after hearing a little bit of his biography. Dear loving dad of mine!I really missed you..."Happy father's day dad!"

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