Friday, 25 April 2014

Peer Evaluation

       Educating students is our passion at heart and in the field of education technology, plenty of  method and ways had been delivered. Point is that the beauty and grace of transforming education are in the hands of  parents, teachers,lectures and scholars. The more you mingle with them, the more you will be challenged  in delivering and constructing  your courses. Its obviously understood that the errors and weaker students are  added knowledge to scholars in terms of trial and error, mistakes and  low grades perpetually demand trackers to do more  research and means to improve their method and soon to come out with  necessity or requisite data and reports. So gradually, this will indicate that for sure, experience is needed and our role is to bring out all the knowledge into peer scheme, which indicates that longer practices may comes out with skill that no one cud denied, am I right?
                Nothing is more satisfied than teaching students with mods and knowledge that we mastered; these are tools that needed sharing and explored in true lights of educational environments no matter where and who. Lets scroll and have a view...
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                                                     Teaching needs creativity that wud definately engaged the students towards learning, right. They love in getting involve and pouring out their ways of absorbing the knowledge itself; implementing them in surprising act, willing to compete and  gladly   move into the foreground.
                              Sometimes they continuously like playing up,  modestly sharing and helping each other. In the end ahaaa......  candies to the winner! Just a paper of appreciation from the teacher wud bring out the big smiles then.   dancing smiley courtesy of


       Students adore working in groups  but then they also need to do some of the assessment individually. Seems that primary students are such an active bunch of  "potential clients".

Well,  adolescence is another level of a wanderer group which demands lot of explanation and facts and they love roaming around to obtain knowledge and  result of perception, learning and reasoning.

        Teacher 1         Students           Studying

   Teachers should be a  life-long-scholar that always there to assist and supervise the students, meaning that  just endlessly and  willingly keeping the tabs on....  -adz


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