Saturday, 18 February 2012

I wish

My pleasure
will heap
my time
it's shared
my future
can be endured
so long oh thy love
separate one's mind
I wish
it comes
playing the lines again
so as happiness
12.40pm 18/2/12

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trip to Perak's so wonderful and enticingly superb.What can I tell you about this trip during this activity of mine. Although it's my hometown but I didn't get the chance to explore it deliberately. So just watch the photos. They can tell you clearly.
I felt in love with the pots..Why?
Just look at the way they've been craft. Its fantabulous ....awesome!
Out of these plain looking pots...who cud tell that they emerged into great looking eye-catching
magnificent things,right!
Expert is an expert. Throughout experiences and years of came out as natural with artistic gestures.
They're so alluring beautiful. I know that I'd seen these so many times and had
even touched to the joy af handling them. But it was years ago during my school days . Passing time by strolling down to the street,rooming ice-cendol & laksa-stalls,which is so famous in Kuala Kangsar of course.
Now years after that...I realise the beauty of our country and it's treasures!
Malaysia is great and I love my country.
- adz


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