Tuesday, 25 September 2012

                                       A present for me! Simple yet special as a token of a long previous memoir.Thanks.

                                 Well hai, it's been quite a long way back since my last post here. I know the fault is mine but then times do fly fast these days. My path is as usuall,mingling with students,folks around and lately I'd encountered with the people who had lots of time,money and needs. They had already pick up their choices in life and put a stop to their role as workers or whatever in their previous status.
So, what I meant is that while beeing what we are this time,this hour and day, focus we shall and the most important of all,what we had now will of course  efect our life in future. Think right will make all things bright!
What we need now is just a sweet guide to make all that perfect.
Till then ,lets think straight for now on. Ever in needs of a helper in hands....just leave a comment here so that we can share and resolve for a better result kay.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


What a gud morning... as usuall, I'm on and off with  my daily work which still hanging around here  I guess  . Gosh,I wish cud coop with all that! 
Nothing to jot actually.... but  my  works is perpetually on without limit and truthfully I love every bit of them all.My kids? Schooling on time of course.Anybody at home? Just me alone which is now getting ready for the next outing. 
Just finished doing the routine task and hoping  can sew a few of my curtains afterwards. Hei sure, yes...women always got  ways to do the housekeeping anyway and thats awesome and tough isn't it? Loving is another side of women's capability though they seems fragile once in a while but alas! Can rock the world. And with all these in mind, I hereby will like to be persistent, telling to all those men out there...PLEASE BE NICE & RESPECT  US,WOMEN! 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Just a jot.

             Hi, gud day to all who had gladly browsed, visit,drop by and blog walking here. Also thanks to those who had come and read my blog. Thanks for supporting ,I really appreciated it.
Yes, I know that I'm not beeing  to generous in keeping up a regular new posts here but then I'll work it out to reschedule and plan my times right  in future, kay. Anyway I love blogging.
So here I 8am,at my working -at-home table, in my house actually...  while still bz telling my kids to make the bed,tidy up everything,get ready with those school uniforms,books,socks & of course school shoes. Its weekend and I 'm hoping to have a day out with my kids, no matter what, just put aside all works & proposals, just go out and have a splendid time with my loving kids.

First strolling to the Supermarket,then find a nice spot to our quick-short picnic near the shore.
                            And what a day! We enjoyed it so much, and one of my son even found a 'friend' to play with.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Young & sweet in enjoying life.

Time indeed flies or better still, it just rocketing fast, right!My sight is always on Adlina Elisa nowadays to figure out the ongoing life and yes, for sure each smaller living things do grow rapidly. Nevertheless,everything is shifted to a more lightened & buoying up slides that keep on gliding or happening around. Adlina too is keeping trail to so much things along the way. She loves life and enjoying it. She's studying 'em all with lots of energy & concentration as not to say she's under my command in certain issues and matters.I love her and every family does.
Feels like nothing much to write but I think there're many things to say... so for a nice start , let these photos illustrate the activities which engulfed her completely...
Adlina at the colouring contest among kids below 10 years at KB.
Adlina with brother Alan near the big balloon hut at PD.
Another colouring deeply in earnest...
Hi...pick up me as your Miss Photogenic model!
So what to say... more than life can give. Except it with gratitude & pride.
Nothing is perfect and nothing is easily taken when your mind forbid 'em for life is simple as you want it to be.Believe me!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

I wish

My pleasure
will heap
my time
it's shared
my future
can be endured
so long oh thy love
separate one's mind
I wish
it comes
playing the lines again
so as happiness
12.40pm 18/2/12

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trip to Perak's so wonderful and enticingly superb.What can I tell you about this trip during this activity of mine. Although it's my hometown but I didn't get the chance to explore it deliberately. So just watch the photos. They can tell you clearly.
I felt in love with the pots..Why?
Just look at the way they've been craft. Its fantabulous ....awesome!
Out of these plain looking pots...who cud tell that they emerged into great looking eye-catching
magnificent things,right!
Expert is an expert. Throughout experiences and years of came out as natural with artistic gestures.
They're so alluring beautiful. I know that I'd seen these so many times and had
even touched to the joy af handling them. But it was years ago during my school days . Passing time by strolling down to the street,rooming ice-cendol & laksa-stalls,which is so famous in Kuala Kangsar of course.
Now years after that...I realise the beauty of our country and it's treasures!
Malaysia is great and I love my country.
- adz


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