Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The deepest love of a mother.

I had been clearing my downloading files and had encounter with a message which I neglected so long due to my many unread e-mails. I remembered the story and still am touched by the love prevailed. No words can described but by looking at the picture ...something can be noted! Maybe someday future...somebody will tell the baby about the glory of having the greatest love of a mother and continuously had tasted it till the day she died. The story is about a rescue team in WenChuan,China during their mission at the worst-hit-area. Under the ruin they found a dead mom kneeling & protecting her little baby which was still alive. Beside the sleeping baby they also found a mobile-phone with a message on it. 'my dear and sweet child, if you can survive..just remember that I always love you...'

Monday, 23 August 2010

A visit to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

It was a termendous moments tnat day at the museum. it brings lots of feelings to watch the arts & culture of those that had been in the past life. I was to absorbed seeing the wonder of how they cooped with the big and heavy equipment. The long hours of dressing and carrying themselves everywhere. There is also a wide range of artefacts from China,India and Southeast Asia apart from Iran & the Middle East.The rest of collections is displayed according to the themes such as Architecture, Qur'ans & Manusscripts,Jewellery, Arms & Armour,textiles,Living with wood,coins & seals,Metalwork,Ceramics & Glasswear and Artefacts. It was awesome to be starring at all this in just one visit. By the way beside the exhibits on display, there're also additional facilities include restaurant,museum shop,rehal terrace,fountain garden,auditorium,children's library,special galleries & education art workshop. So interesting isn't it? Hope cud spend more time here but as usual time do goes by quicker than we hope for. I wud surely bring my kids here someday soon.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Well, where did I go this few months back?Nowhere far exactly.Just pushing and pulling my time respectively.But mostly I was busy attended a few occasions that were great. First programme , The Expansion of the Smart School initiative to all schools in Malaysia , venue: SMKA Al-Irshad,Pokok Sena , Kepala Batas SPU. It was really great and lots of info to be taken.


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