Monday, 29 July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Life is rolling on.

Day after day and after day....will still go on.The bright sides are always the target of everybody's in mind.No matter what and belief it or not that's not even any tiny negative thoughts cud refrain oneselves to obtain these.Seems all of us  sooner or later have  to deal with lots of changes that's fun,seriusly hard,sad ,happy and there're apt to be difficult too. So,can all of these be shared? Has any of your friends abandon you? How have life change your day? What wud make you cry?Do you feel content now with your daily chores?
                  Well, a deep deep breath had to be let out then,right! Alhamdulillah,for life is good to me in everything thats matters. I believe the good parts always leads, sort of giving back the things that had once been given to others.Thats why we had to do all the good deeds in future so as to receive no bad consequences later  later on.Just be gud,be charm and stay kind to others in a way we like others to do the same back to us. Thanks for believing and trusting..... on.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hai again to others and myself,
Just feel like it to write somethin' here.My mind is thinking about the past days and trying hard to compromise with the tasks that had been done....Yeah, sometimes in reality we cudn't realise such  tantrums but who knows?Right! Things usually happened before we understand the reason to do it.So maybe nobody actually knows what this is all about and I'm all out rambling here . It's okay, just let it pass and I think  it's much better if no one ever heard or even seen it.To talk is to let go whatsoever in this thoughts of mine.Release the jumble-mumble inside and soon we'll be alright,think straights for then everything can surely wait...
Now what am going to say actually? No hard feeling and no scum,no no no... I wanted to refresh life, I wanted to create more colours to the rainbow and of course added more fun to poor mates.
Wake up and march towards  perfection for if not getting any'thin! Just don't loose somethin',

 Where do these fish come from? Sea ? Something to ponder and get your thoughts to wander elsewhere.... Think bright and strive wide,open your mind to much greater sight!


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