Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Educate the Society!

I'd been to an English workshop 2 weeks ago and felt oblige to do something about our social activities. We had too much of the 'playing times' and 'leasure moment'...still dwelling on things that had already taken place in our practical life. So what are the purpose of our life then? Just filling times with lots of not-so-important things and finish up hanging joyously over nothing! Wow! That's is something isn't it? I started to think that there's work to be done now and we live...! We had to educate our life,children,family,friends, students, neighbors,society and everybody.... Soon it occured to me that I had to create an English Club to let everybody learns and holds the benefit of knowing and learning English. Yes, there are a heap of knowledge through internets that can loaded us on anything... only have to click, at your finger tips exactly and the world comes alife within your vision!
Let us learn and keep on learning to make the entire world filled up with wise person and patiently wait for the miracle to happen. It obvious isn't it when everybody had tallent to perform.
Come on then and support my mission kay. Nothing to regret if you just simply spend a couple of minutes learning as you headed towards fun doing in any of the social websites here.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My mini farmville

It's nice when you had put much effort to something and then had a taste of it later on. It happen a month ago when I kept on teasing my sister & friends over their lingering endless moments on their Farmville at Facebook. They harvest over something clearly seems such a coy. Nothing gain and can be obtained from that action. So I want to show them something of a reality and so I started a project! My project is to digg and top up my 2x2 metre front yard with 3 barrel of red earth which I took from my right neighborhood. After that I levelled it and plant some brinjal & ladies finger(seeds). After 3 weeks of caring and tends to the seedling,which grows into big plants, all the plants started to bear fruits.Wow! Its a wonderful feelings to pluck down the first lady finger and more and more to come after that. The best thing that my back,right and front neighbors had the taste of it too. Aha..of course cook it in so many variety of dishes. Well it's a satisfaction of doing coz you simply had the juices in beeing gud to nature.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Nostalgia... Hem...looking at years back... it still cud bring some sentimental spot and a very melancholy thought. I barely give it a shot before today but then something struck me one day while I went roaming through the Facebook post.Thanks to Fb & old friends of mine who dearly remembered to post a photo and also spent some time making her way to create SRK DATIN KHADIJAH fan. Now fortunately I can clearly see the link,a bit of my childhood moment & schooling days. Alright then if it just only to see one photo but deep inside me constantly hoping the other will emerge soon. So girls...up-load those link and on assumption that they might do that someday, I think I can wait on...

Monday, 8 March 2010

There are too many things to do on my leisure times and I love to do lots of it. The odd one is that I begin with merely a thought...The night is already too deep plunge around into the universe. It's mere black curtain breezing in soft light of colors.What am I doing now? Just feeling my night with interesting gestures...writing and reading throughout the internet. I love doing this and it gives me the satisfaction arr....The cold atmosphere wrapping my mind and body. Yes, it surely drag something of the past. There's a song lullaby in my head now. ..Speak softly love so no one hears us but the sky... I think about one dearest friend of mine this moment. She stays lonely at her home sweet home. Wish cud accompany her for awhile but time is different now when you had a big responsibility to shoulder. Years back...I'm so lively and freely sliding around. Playing and strolling with friends and even dare to linger into the nearby town. Used to loiter naughtily at the playground and hovered over the library. Not that I wanted to brood endlessly here but just a nostalgia that struck a headlong through me.. Times ticking by...too fast and I'm lost in my thoughts...You never know the life that is granted to us, it may be for a few years more or might be just for the moment. Nevertheless, getting into some thoughts can give us a little happiness and wonder again of what and why do we still here?


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