Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Educate the Society!

I'd been to an English workshop 2 weeks ago and felt oblige to do something about our social activities. We had too much of the 'playing times' and 'leasure moment'...still dwelling on things that had already taken place in our practical life. So what are the purpose of our life then? Just filling times with lots of not-so-important things and finish up hanging joyously over nothing! Wow! That's is something isn't it? I started to think that there's work to be done now and we live...! We had to educate our life,children,family,friends, students, neighbors,society and everybody.... Soon it occured to me that I had to create an English Club to let everybody learns and holds the benefit of knowing and learning English. Yes, there are a heap of knowledge through internets that can loaded us on anything... only have to click, at your finger tips exactly and the world comes alife within your vision!
Let us learn and keep on learning to make the entire world filled up with wise person and patiently wait for the miracle to happen. It obvious isn't it when everybody had tallent to perform.
Come on then and support my mission kay. Nothing to regret if you just simply spend a couple of minutes learning as you headed towards fun doing in any of the social websites here.


  1. Educate the Society...! It sounds the hard job, but it is possible to do. We must have the strong commitment and realize that educating the society is not only the government's responsibility but also ours.
    But it's difficult to find the people like that, sacrificing anything to make other people better. And one of the people who cares about educating the society is you...ummi... it's a great honour for me to know you in my life. Hoping that i can do what you do, to make Indonesian people better especially our young generations and not left behind compared with other countries.

  2. Thanks...
    to teach is to learn & gain something. Our community is pressured by so many negatives scandal and only knowledge can avoid such things coz those who knew are those who cared.Educators are great friends and alert!



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