Saturday, 1 May 2010

  • By the time like this, it just brings out the melancholy of my yesteryears. So much happening but in so little time which had had educated my life and even if there're chances given, I might bear more nostalgia. The time is running too fast and my dreams keep on straying behind as the backdrop of the day fall down. Why is it so?Is it my imagination or definately the reality?Am I pushed along to face the harsh realities of these days?Nevertheless, I can survive with the help and support from all of my kids. Yeah.. I love 'em all and they still needed me as I needed them. Gosh! The feelings is too strong and I can't block it with my outer gestures and cudn't also hide what's in my eyes... There's a time I love to rambling all night long here but then time is limited and for sure a whole bunch of works still awaits. Who cud ever forecast the future...?I wudn't dare to imagine otherwise. Anything can happen and the most appropriate way of doing it right is to think straight and look onwards that lay ahead of us. But sometimes I do miss someone to difficulties and rigor.But worst of all is to had it once and then had to loose it back again and again.

  • The beauty of life is shared and loved. Distinguished figured emerged again . Many years ago but still cud steered. The cool so cool heart of a woman . Lighten the frigid and mould widely... To stand up by the world and strive again. Oh please don't let it all dies. The moment of happiness and joyfulness. The glimpse of light that he brings in glee. Can fill the days and nights of a brokenheart deary. Showered the life of a hurt lover. So as not again she plunged into a loner... - adz

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