Friday, 7 May 2010

My Kid & Their Sports Day

Looking back at the sports day of my kid is like blowing a breeze on my mind. Yes it rings a bell... How much they resemble me during my primary school at Methodist Girls School in Teluk Intan & Sekolah Datin Khadijah,Kuala Kangsar,Perak. Actually just to say that I was practically involved in many school sports and games those past years and now so as Fadhlan and Liya, quite active lurching their effort to win.I used to predict that Liyya is kinda gud in sports compared to her brothers but then she has more guts.During this sports day, she failed in her first attempt but that wasn't bothered me as I was actually moved by the loneliness on her face and quickly I realise and rush to help by standing nearby and shout with more spirit. I guess that help then coz after that Liya ran like a spirited young kid chased by a fierce dog.Aha..She got first! By the way, Fadhlan loose in 4x100m but made it first in 4x200m. So at last they were satisfied with the medals and urged me to give them a threat at the nearby restaurant...that was cool but in the end we headed to KFC in our local town. Oh yeah...that's my kids way of coaxing on me, giving their sweet talk. The life is cheering me up with all these drama and I do love my kids very much. ___________________________________________________ Previous post.... At last Afiq had emerged on the path that I mostly proud to broadcast sincerely. He is stepping farther in the line of medic world to achieve success.

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