Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Memorable Day at Putrajaya.

Graduation Day.
  • Time:09am-01pm
  • Date: 17th August.
  • Venue: Dewan De'Seri Endon Puspanitapur
At last Afiq had emerged on the path that I mostly proud to broadcast sincerely. He is stepping farther in the line of medic world to achieve success. There's a long way to his journey eventually. Now about the day... yes, we arrived safely of course but a bit late.His bro, Nizam accompany us at first but then we split coz he had work to be done.yeah..lots of people wearing much more elegant attires than before with proud faces staring down every corner we'd been . I was shown to no 25th table with 4 couples already seated.There's a time I'd instinctively shaded my tears seeing so much loves & sacrifices throughout the ceremony. During meal,I was given a helping hand from my newly acquintances,Roslina and Sabariah if I'm not mistaken. They were very understanding after we stole some times to have our women's chat. I like to admit for an errors here..maybe misunderstood or something...Somebody asked about driving from Penang, the times taken so I simply said 3 hours...but actually my mind is thinking about my previous home in Kuala Kangsar to KL.It's just that my mind in turmoil that time. No wonder he mention about calling some traffic cop to detain me somewhere in Penang.Cud I be such a reckless driver? Nobody can tell directly what my mind was leading into during that precious hours... sadness suddenly engulfed me! But nevertheless, I do felt proud of my son who willingly be the bearer of the hardworking & struggling days of studies at KMB. Thanks son for giving me this meaningful present!

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