Saturday, 13 August 2011

Still lingers...

Hours in Langkawi.

  • Oh God! It is a tremendous joy
  • my heart cries with a whimper coy
  • water flows beneath reason
  • oh why I can feel the rythm
  • water near everybody can see
  • much much better, it sings a melody
  • I wonder had lubricant thrown its type
  • to make us dwell & avoiding mishaps
  • I love to feel and explore more
  • alas, time wud not allow for
  • simply agree without flee
  • coz thats my life no doubt groovy
Last July was my first trip holidaying without my kids tailing along.The joy still lingers on my mind and it even put smile on me till this hour and minutes. I guess mothers shud try and take a break sometimes. Although at first thought, a tingle of surprised shot within me but on second thoughts, it sound superb...the rich sand, seaside, breath-taking-view, the peoples,places and so many things to think about it then...oh goodie! So, I'm glad that I flew safely back at home but eventually still hoping for my future trip to 'Pulau Perhentian'. Watch out, I will be there insyaAllah, soon.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Ramadhan, the best month for Muslims.

Ramadhan is at it's peak hour now. Muslims are hurrying to the mosques to perform 'Terawih', the special prayers that outstanding other primary prayers, and is only on Ramadhan. So, the longer the better and those who are always in good deeds will be getting the supreme blessing from God as promised. In hoping for the best for all devotees....perhaps the left out will also be cared for due to the ones who gives and donates to the poor will then be in the upmost performance throughout this month. May Allah give mercy & blessing upon us all.


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