Wednesday, 1 August 2012


What a gud morning... as usuall, I'm on and off with  my daily work which still hanging around here  I guess  . Gosh,I wish cud coop with all that! 
Nothing to jot actually.... but  my  works is perpetually on without limit and truthfully I love every bit of them all.My kids? Schooling on time of course.Anybody at home? Just me alone which is now getting ready for the next outing. 
Just finished doing the routine task and hoping  can sew a few of my curtains afterwards. Hei sure, yes...women always got  ways to do the housekeeping anyway and thats awesome and tough isn't it? Loving is another side of women's capability though they seems fragile once in a while but alas! Can rock the world. And with all these in mind, I hereby will like to be persistent, telling to all those men out there...PLEASE BE NICE & RESPECT  US,WOMEN! 


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