Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My Times

  • person: What's ur daily schedule?
  • aulia: A lot, if I may say so.
  • person: Name one.
  • aulia: Taking care of my kids, and you required intense concentration.
  • person: Any hard times?
  • aulia: Em...yes! Trying to let bygones be bygones and to put aside memories of the
  • unfortunate series of mishaps ...they do dogged me sometimes.
  • person: You're tough!
  • aulia: Had to... for the sake of my kids & to survive.
  • person: Any other errands?
  • aulia: Yup! My blogs and writing and...bla...bla....

Monday, 29 June 2009

mind blowing...

They used to say if you can't go to the place n have a great holiday...just bring em' here to you... Yeah...after running ones life to the peak of boredom.. fatigued over nearly everythin', finally we had to wringle free sometimes...

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Times running...

Just past midnight now n I'm so engross with my writing just now.What a life! Seems too fast..left everythi'n behind..once u engulf urself into work, thrown into a jumble of forge...nothing matters xcept for the perfection that awaits. Sometimes life looks so unreal to someone who had plunge into a spring of cool water.Too many obligations! Nevertheless, work is a responsibility that u had to burden with isn't it? Like a social force that binds you to the courses of action . "every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty" It's me that keep on now I'm what I am! Wish everybody okay n gud luck for whatever post ur're abide by...Just take care!
Love in a Life
Room after room,
I hunt the house through
We inhabit together.
Heart, fear nothing, for, heart, thou shalt find her,
Next time, herself!—not the trouble behind her
Left in the curtain, the couch's perfume!
As she brushed it, the cornice-wreath blossomed anew,—
Yon looking-glass gleamed at the wave of her feather.

Yet the day wears,
And door succeeds door;
I try the fresh fortune—
Range the wide house from the wing to the centre.
Still the same chance! she goes out as I enter.
Spend my whole day in the quest,—who cares?
But 'tis twilight, you see,—with such suites to explore,
Such closets to search, such alcoves to importune!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

But books are something! They mightbe tempting or boring! Start reading now! It can be addict too coz I do love reading...great!! Lots of individual out there make it a habit, saying,"I'll do it afterwards", or "It can wait!" Delay an action or task to a later time, what a waste and beware...... PROCASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME!

Exam fever

Hem, what a tiresome act of preparations...test,exam & assessment... nearly fortnight sceme. is quite a serious activity but it is a must to students. You couldn't abandon or give up easily. It's such a responsibility that we had to put up with. Your goal & destiny depends on it! Teachers...yes they're tough. Had to strained their minds & spread their wings over so many assignment, but in conjunction with these job, whaa...culdn't complain. My class is one of the many workshop that parents do notice. Gosh, nowadays parents had open their eyes towards education.Thanks to that. Kids need a variety of attention. Schooling is one of them. ..Today, schools & colleges are not only the place to gain knowledge n wisdom. You can apply them anywhere, right?! So, about my students...wish they are brighter. Some are willingly grab the SAL(self access learning) and a few just hang on to my worksheets n handouts. By the way there are less who still needed a pump in method; you know what...learning outcomes gives everybody a light to learnt more & more, makes everyone excited to digg on. Nevertheless they also smack you down! So study smart! Keep up ur schedule in time! Spare ur events & hang on ur timetable! WISH U LUCK!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Now I beginning to have visitors n friends.

At first it scratch my heart as lonely to blog on & no fitbacks from tremendous bloggers n visitors out there! But then asssured... it really takes time. Hi.. I'm a fast lady in whatsever accomplished.Had to simmer down for to learnt a lot here! It's only one month since I last beeing a toddler blogger...yearning for perfection.Searching n surfing throughout the web, between pages & archives.What a world of knowledge! By the way I'm not that ample...just enough to get me & my kids going..Alhamdulillah..due to my tuition class, I just plung in the streamyx & wow..really kicking!! Sometimes I just stumbled into websites which are so umph! I really envy them. Anyway thanks to my first followers n visitors. Please leave a comment if you kinda' feel like it though hem.. I do appreciate and take account on it. But aha..I do have a lot of commitment; to monitor my r/tangga ,supervise my loving kids with their needs & demands,classes,manuscript to cover, blogs to fly on, websites to ponder & surf,bills to attend & my nap/resting.( yeap... had to maintain our physical appearence.) Hence, I do begrudge on bloggers who had a really long duration nick of times.So much times to spare yet they still..??? er...whatever they're doing......Just think of it!

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Really rushing back to my hometown last Saturday accompany by my 3 kids. Needless to say, 'Long time no see', keep on banging my head. I miss my mom n my sis. Had a quick happy reunion & a loving peck n....hurryng back again last night. Back to routine!Workaday again! FAMILY TIES DO US THINKING ON YESTERALL...DAYS & YEARS tHOSE MOMENTS BRING SMILES ON OUR FACE tHESE HAPPENINGS GIVE US SPOT TO WONDER EM's really somethi' ... piercing through this heARt oF mIne a rolling stones gather no mosses.... JUST be survive.. LIFE MUST GO ON....................!!!!!!? - aulia

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hectic Day Again!

Nearly dawn... had to close this page sooner or later. Must pen off but before that, firstly, wanted to post a scratch of notes down here. My class as usual; a group in the morning, one more in the evening & another following this night, I meant had already followed! Quite a rough day, drilling & undergo the critis & creative thinking skill, (that'd been rub off during yester holiday) to my 'bertuahnya... student" Meaning...kalau dolu-dolu, org tua kita selalu cakap 'bertuahnya anak' nk jauhkn diri dari menyebut dan mengharapkan yang tidak baik pada anak-anak sendiri tapi sekarang ni, mak ayah sedapnya cakap ini itu (cth: bodoh! jahat punya budak! lembap dll) Jangan ya...cakap yg positif je le okay! Aduh! kelas pun tak sempat nk kemas..!!!!??? APa YG SaYa Ajar? nanti le..besuk-besuk atau bila-bila saya jot down kat cni.... bye!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

relax le! I'm Adlina Elisa - anak mak sayang...

Today I got an in-out student in my class. Ye laah cuti panjang...dah jadi habit cuti belajar. So yg lama absent datang balik, & yg rajin belajar ...hilang pulak! Ape-ape aje laah... cuma sayang, once we stop learning the mind will be wonder long towards giant compartment of spaces around us. Hence, a whole lot of handouts whch I prepared 4 them are ready to be used but aha...where are they? Firstday tuition, already in disjointed state. It makes me wonder too! I think We can have a break by looking at these act. Adlina in action!! Senyum sikit ye tak..!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Midnight notes? It's really em..early morning now, ha..ha.. blogging like an addict eh? Nope! I'm having fun too. After this may be I am bz handling my kids, students & house chores...cud there's still time 4 blogging & finish up my manuscript..??!!? No one knows as the schoolday reopen back!Just hit it a day! Gud night! Cudn't write with a drowsymind n dopey eyes...//???*&%$#??!@#

Darwish Chuan & Danish Chuan b. Aizuddin Chuan ( my nephew)

Today is 14 Jun 2009... isn't it a special day 4 u? Not 4 u but it is 4 my daughter & younger sis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY darlings! I love you both n may live happily ever after n may GOD bless you in all ur progress. Sis, be gud to ur hubby eh..don't be naughty as not to alowd ur 2 sweet kids tailing laah... And oops sorry ye...insert gambo dalam post ni tak minta izin..sorry again. Mamanya MalaY dan Papanya Chinese = sweet...Happy Birthday To ur Mummy!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tuan Hj Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Zain (Cikgu Zaini) MY LATE DAD. (Mom, be strong kay!) Sunday morning. Times is heading 4 the hills... You know as my mum always said, "Housechores cud never end anyway...if there's a family surely there's a whole lot mess to be swept away n sort out!" I'm a fulltime mum (xceptional when got class going...but still in the house!!) I 'm running a home based tuition in the living room( which doesn't exist at all) There 're 3 tables instead of luxury sofa(housewives gallantly boasting in their talks if I may say so...) spreading there, 1 row of my constituent component of teaching;a printer,5 piled up document-trays, PC & of course an array of unmark papers, really is an office!! But the probelm PC & printer are busted! Not good 4 my biz eh..?What to do..class has to go on...thanks.. with the assist of my son's lappy. I love teaching and it is not an easy task to perform.You had to have a big heart! This all talking about teaching made my mind drifted onto somebody very speciall & dear to dad, Cikgu Hj Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Zain. I'm thinking about my late dad..he's a great dad, teacher , instructor & a headmaster. Cud you all imagine for the past 30 years of serving as a teacher, he only had taken 3days leave...thus I was aghast when heard 4 the first time at a specially ceremony which held by the previous Menteri Besar Perak, 4 all his old n nearlly forgotten teachers at Grik in 2004. The award was given by the Perak Deputy MB that specific year. My dad had a grand standing ovation from all after hearing a little bit of his biography. Dear loving dad of mine!I really missed you..."Happy father's day dad!"

Friday, 12 June 2009

Gud morning to all, What's 4 breakfast? Just a quick sandwich & light coffee. Emm..a difficult task early morning today coz had to be stern with my kids. They wanted an xtra nap due to late night activities...yeah..I tried 2 be sporting n at the same time knowing the circumstances...go ahead! leaved them 4 about 15 min to settle my house chores & more leasurely n lazily landing!! Everybody up n square out..just straighten up!! So up they go n scaterred doing their so n so..whatever! I pop into my darling youngest daughter is still snoring! Alahai..didn'n have a heart to wake her up! Now my morning duty... wind up! Here I am now, diving into my blog & files. Firstly, had to continue my search..I detected my intro chapter @writing@ 'Teguran Illahi' in wow! I'd forgot all about it this few months lately. So, had to submit a few chapters more from the 5chapters that's been attained. And....another completed manuscript('Aku Terlupa') had been getin' eyeshot by adminstrator from Kaki Novel Alhamdulillah! ...hoping it turned out okay, Insyaallah!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

au revoir

Aha..back to school again! Tomorrow my kids will be bz cooping up with school things n whatever laa... Sedih pun ada ni coz I will be left again! As a mom surely the soft-side turning rebelliously but my guts still gallantly braver! I admit I'm a buzy mom with a hectic day...a doer... running on my fmily n of course scowling down at them in certain ways & in certain times ha..ha.. This fortnight holiday is a spryer... so soon! Hence, there's much more goals to be accomplished..Yeah..admit it that I'm only a human...Alhamdulillah, may God bless my family n me with lots of gadgets(prayers) that can be granted Insyaallah!Amin!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Okay, just finished editing my account in beginning to feel lovesick over my community forum members..seems a lot to battle.. on so many topics. As a new blogger I admit a bit leasure to submit my post, needed time & space.. Banyak bahan yg belum dilayangkan lagi, tengah work 'em out! Terasa ingin sekali post beberapa ungkapan dan bahan dari pengajian-pengajian dan kursus yang pernah disertai suatu masa dahulu...INSYAALLAH..kita merancang dan Allah menentukan... Hari ni memang kelam kabut gak..baru je insert gambar kat atas tuu..salam perkenalan utk semua...saya bersama anak bongsu yg akan berusia 3 tahun pada 25th Jun nanti. oh no! Dah pukul 4pagi..have to go...hasta la vista!
Tergerak hati nk ronda & access blog..maka ada hikmahnya bila article dr menjadi tatapan so saya paparkan di post ni utk santapan rohani.... A POST TO POUNDER & a MUST to the Muslims... Perlu diketahui wahai engkau yang meninggalkan solat tentang apa yang Allah firmankan tentang engkau. Allah Ta'ala berfirman: 59. Maka datanglah sesudah mereka, pengganti (yang jelek) yang mensia-siakan solat dan memperturutkan hawa nafsunya, maka mereka kelak akan menemui "ghayyu", 60. kecuali orang yang bertaubat, beriman dan beramal saleh, maka mereka itu akan masuk syurga dan tidak dianiaya (dirugikan) sedikitpun, -Maryam- Adapun "ghayyu" adalah lembah yang berada di neraka jahannam yang amat jauh kedalamnya, sangat busuk rasanya sedangkan engkau akan menjadi penghuninya jika kamu tidak mengerjakan solat. Bayangkanlah keadaan lembah tersebut dan bagaimana sekiranya kamu menjadi penghuninya? Allah Ta'ala berfirman: 4. Maka wail-lah bagi orang-orang yang solat, 5. (yaitu) orang-orang yang lalai dari solatnya. -al-Ma'un- Adapun wail adalah lembah di neraka jahannam yang seandainya gunung di dunia dijatuhkan ke dalamnya nescaya hancur leburlah kerana panasnya, itulah tempatmu kelak jika kamu tidak mahu bertaubat. Ibnu Abbas mentafsirkan kedua ayat diatas: "Mereka adalah orang-orang munafik yang solat ketika ramai orang, namun dia tidak mengerjakannya disaat sendirian." Maka perhatikanlah wahai kamu semua yang meninggalkan solat, apa yang Allah firmankan tentang kamu pula dan perhatikanlah bagaimana Ahlul Jannah yang diliputi kenikmatan bertanya perihal engkau dan bagaiamana pula jawapanmu kelak, Allah berfirman: 38. Tiap-tiap diri bertanggung jawab atas apa yang telah diperbuatnya, 39. kecuali golongan kanan, 40. berada di dalam syurga, mereka tanya menanya, 41. tentang (keadaan) orang-orang yang berdosa, 42. "Apakah yang memasukkan kamu ke dalam Saqar (neraka)?" 43. Mereka menjawab: "Kami dahulu tidak termasuk orang-orang yang mengerjakan shalat, 44. dan kami tidak (pula) memberi makan orang miskin, 45. dan adalah kami membicarakan yang bathil, bersama dengan orang-orang yang membicarakannya, 46. dan adalah kami mendustakan hari pembalasan, 47. hingga datang kepada kami kematian." 48. Maka tidak berguna lagi bagi mereka syafa'at dari orang-orang yang memberikan syafa'at. -Al Muddatstsir- Rasulullah Salallahhu'alaihiwassalam bersabda: "Tiada pembatas antara seseorang hamba(muslim) dengan kafir atau syirik selain meninggalkan solat." (HR Muslim, Tirmizi dan selain keduanya) Beliau juga bersabda sebagaimana yang diriwayatkan oleh Abdullah bin Qarth: "Amal pertama yang akan dihisab dari seorang hamba pada hari kiamat nanti adalah solatnya, jika solatnya baik maka baiklah seluruh amalnya dan jika solatnya rosak maka rosaklah seluruh amalnya." (HR Thabrani dan yang lain dengan sanad yang sahih) Rasulullah Salallahhu'alaihiwassalam juga bersabda ketika membezakan orang yang konsisten didalam solatnya dengan orang yang tidak konsisten mengerjakannya: "Barangsiapa yang menjaga solat maka baginya cahaya, petunjuk dan kejayaan pada hari kiamat. Dan barangsiapa yang tidak menjaga solatnya, maka tiadalah baginya cahaya, petunjuk dan kejayaan pada hari kiamat dan mereka akan dikumpulkan bersama Fir'aun, Qarun, Haman, dan Ubai bin Khalaf." (HR Ahmad dan yang lain dengan sanad yang baik) Sedangkan mereka adalah para pemimpin orang-orang kafir, kita memohon kepada Allah agar menjauhkan kita daripada mereka. Perhatikanlah wahai yang meninggalkan solat kerana tidur yang nyenyak, apa yang akan menimpa dirimu jika berterusan melakukan sedemikian. Telah diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari bahawa Rasulullah Salallahhu'alaihiwassalam bermimpi: "Ada dua malaikat mendatangiku dan berkata, "marilah", maka akupun pergi bersama keduanya, kemudian kami mendapati ada seorang lelaki yang terbaring sedangkan seorang lagi sedang berdiri di atasnya dengan membawa batu besar, tiba-tiba ia melepaskan batu tersebut, lalu mengenai kepala orang yang sedang terbaring disitu sehingga pecah remuk dan batu tersebut terlempar, lalu dia menghampiri batu itu lalu diambilnya semula. Tidaklah ia kembali kepada orang yang terbaring tadi melainkan kepalanya telah pulih kembali seperti keadaan asal. Kemudian ia mendatangi orang tersebut dan mengerjakannya semula sebagaimana sebelumnya. Nabi bersabda, Aku bertanya kepada keduanya, "Subhanallah mengapa dengan mereka berdua itu?" keduanya menjawab, "Marilah...!" Kemudian pada akhir hadis, beliau bersabda: "Sesungguhnya aku melihat peristiwa yang menakjubkan sejak malam tadi, apa sebenarnya yang aku lihat tadi? Keduanya berkata kepadaku, "Akan kami khabarkan kepada anda. Adapun orang pertama yang anda lihat iaitu orang yang kepalanya hancur oleh batu, maka sesungguhnya ia adalah mereka yang mengambil al-Quran lalu membuangnya dan mereka tidur dari solat wajib" (HR Bukhari) Wahai yang meninggalkan solat, wahai orang miskin dan lalai, akan kami ceritakan kepada anda kisah yang dituturkan oleh Imam adz-Zahabi di dalam kitab beliau al-Kaba'ir, maka hayatilah, perhatikanlah dan ulang-ulangilah hingga engkau menyedari akan bahaya yang kelak engkau alami. Beliau bercerita: "Ada seorang lelaki yang memiliki saudari wanita yang telah wafat. Ketika mereka pergi untuk menguburkannya jatuhlah kantung miliknya yang berisi harta(wang) ke dalam kubur. Ketika mereka kembali, sedarlah ia akan hal itu, maka diapun kembali ke kubur saudarinya, lalu dia menggali kubur saudarinya, namun tiba-tiba dia melihat api menjilat-jilat di dalam kubur tersebut dengan cepat dia kambus dengan tanah semula, dan ia kembali kepada ibunya dengan menangis seraya bertanya, "Wahai ibu, beritakanlah kepadaku apa yang telah dikerjakan oleh saudariku di dunia?" sambil menceritakan apa yang ia lihat. Ibunyapun turut menangis dan berkata, "Wahai anakku saudarimu telah mensia-siakan solat dan menunda-nunda waktu solatnya." Wanita ini hanya menunda waktu solatnya, lantas bagaimana keadaanmu nanti padahal engkau meninggalkannya secara keseluruhan? Saya tidak akan memanjangkan huraian saya kepadamu. Hanya didorong oleh rasa belas kasihan dan keprihatinan terhadap keadaanmu aku menulis nasihat yang berharga ini dan aku berharap kepada Allah semoga ia bermanfaat bagimu sehingga engkau tidak tidur di malam hari sebelum merenungkan apa yang telah aku tuliskan untukmu dan engkau sedar bahawa pintu taubat masih terbuka luas di hadapanmu selagi nyawa belum sampai di kerongkong dan sebelum matahari terbit dari barat. Allah Ta'ala berfirman: 53. Katakanlah: "Hai hamba-hamba-Ku yang malampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri, janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mengampuni dosa-dosa semuanya. Sesungguhnya Dia-lah Yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang. -az-Zumar- Maka bersegeralah bertaubat sebelum ajal menjemputmu, Allah tempat memohon pertolongan. Semoga selawat dari Allah dilimpahkan kepada Nabi kita Muhamad Salallahhu'alaihiwassalam. Ya Allah bukankah aku telah menyampaikan? Maka saksikanlah Ya Allah!. ```````````````````````````````````````````````` Daripada: Syeikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyyah Rahimahullah huta'ala a'lam. Sumber: Kaidah Ahlussunnah Wal Jama'ah, Terbitan At-Tibyan -Solo. m/s 58-68

Saturday, 6 June 2009

It's a holiday....

my hectic life begins during these enduring with house, writing kits, blogs to ponder n of course a fight..he..hee.. to gain (with my 4 elders kids) and access this laptop. Last week one of my 2 computers was hang.The one that I got from my hubby's drawnout KWSP in 2001..due to my daughter assignment, downloaded songs!! A few days ago another one tailing..The RAM is down I think. It's my lovebug which I got from the accomplished project of my hubby's outgoing biz. so......I'm lost without them! Luckily my second son made it a day! Blogging is an addict if I might say so to those who is always running out of time! Me, whoa! lots of things 2 accomplish, the tuition class had to go a test after this holiday. My home mess now with up n down scattered clothes, pillows n bags- my homecoming attire!okay I felt at eased now, having poured out my thoughts here.. but nothing is more thrill than my kids jamming at home.My task is performing the best service 4 them!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

2nd Jun , I'm a bit lost since I last blogged my posts, So now got a whole day to write but I'm still tongue-tied. LET THE pHOTO TELL 'EM OUT!


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