Tuesday, 16 June 2009

relax le! I'm Adlina Elisa - anak mak sayang...

Today I got an in-out student in my class. Ye laah cuti panjang...dah jadi habit cuti belajar. So yg lama absent datang balik, & yg rajin belajar ...hilang pulak! Ape-ape aje laah... cuma sayang, once we stop learning the mind will be wonder long towards giant compartment of spaces around us. Hence, a whole lot of handouts whch I prepared 4 them are ready to be used but aha...where are they? Firstday tuition, already in disjointed state. It makes me wonder too! I think We can have a break by looking at these act. Adlina in action!! Senyum sikit ye tak..!!

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