Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Now I beginning to have visitors n friends.

At first it scratch my heart as lonely to blog on & no fitbacks from tremendous bloggers n visitors out there! But then asssured... it really takes time. Hi.. I'm a fast lady in whatsever accomplished.Had to simmer down for to learnt a lot here! It's only one month since I last beeing a toddler blogger...yearning for perfection.Searching n surfing throughout the web, between pages & archives.What a world of knowledge! By the way I'm not that ample...just enough to get me & my kids going..Alhamdulillah..due to my tuition class, I just plung in the streamyx & wow..really kicking!! Sometimes I just stumbled into websites which are so umph! I really envy them. Anyway thanks to my first followers n visitors. Please leave a comment if you kinda' feel like it though hem.. I do appreciate and take account on it. But aha..I do have a lot of commitment; to monitor my r/tangga ,supervise my loving kids with their needs & demands,classes,manuscript to cover, blogs to fly on, websites to ponder & surf,bills to attend & my nap/resting.( yeap... had to maintain our physical appearence.) Hence, I do begrudge on bloggers who had a really long duration nick of times.So much times to spare yet they still..??? er...whatever they're doing......Just think of it!

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