Saturday, 6 June 2009

It's a holiday....

my hectic life begins during these enduring with house, writing kits, blogs to ponder n of course a fight..he..hee.. to gain (with my 4 elders kids) and access this laptop. Last week one of my 2 computers was hang.The one that I got from my hubby's drawnout KWSP in 2001..due to my daughter assignment, downloaded songs!! A few days ago another one tailing..The RAM is down I think. It's my lovebug which I got from the accomplished project of my hubby's outgoing biz. so......I'm lost without them! Luckily my second son made it a day! Blogging is an addict if I might say so to those who is always running out of time! Me, whoa! lots of things 2 accomplish, the tuition class had to go a test after this holiday. My home mess now with up n down scattered clothes, pillows n bags- my homecoming attire!okay I felt at eased now, having poured out my thoughts here.. but nothing is more thrill than my kids jamming at home.My task is performing the best service 4 them!!

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