Saturday, 27 June 2009

Exam fever

Hem, what a tiresome act of preparations...test,exam & assessment... nearly fortnight sceme. is quite a serious activity but it is a must to students. You couldn't abandon or give up easily. It's such a responsibility that we had to put up with. Your goal & destiny depends on it! Teachers...yes they're tough. Had to strained their minds & spread their wings over so many assignment, but in conjunction with these job, whaa...culdn't complain. My class is one of the many workshop that parents do notice. Gosh, nowadays parents had open their eyes towards education.Thanks to that. Kids need a variety of attention. Schooling is one of them. ..Today, schools & colleges are not only the place to gain knowledge n wisdom. You can apply them anywhere, right?! So, about my students...wish they are brighter. Some are willingly grab the SAL(self access learning) and a few just hang on to my worksheets n handouts. By the way there are less who still needed a pump in method; you know what...learning outcomes gives everybody a light to learnt more & more, makes everyone excited to digg on. Nevertheless they also smack you down! So study smart! Keep up ur schedule in time! Spare ur events & hang on ur timetable! WISH U LUCK!

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