Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My Times

  • person: What's ur daily schedule?
  • aulia: A lot, if I may say so.
  • person: Name one.
  • aulia: Taking care of my kids, and you required intense concentration.
  • person: Any hard times?
  • aulia: Em...yes! Trying to let bygones be bygones and to put aside memories of the
  • unfortunate series of mishaps ...they do dogged me sometimes.
  • person: You're tough!
  • aulia: Had to... for the sake of my kids & to survive.
  • person: Any other errands?
  • aulia: Yup! My blogs and writing and...bla...bla....


  1. salam ziarah..thanx 4 visiting my blog..
    nothing much interesting in my writing..
    i write just to fill up my free time..he..
    is the child above ur daughter? so cute!

  2. letting bygones be bygones, always a good one to strive for. thanks for linking me here!



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