Sunday, 22 November 2009

Make money through internet marketing.

Feel like having completely a big laugh to myself. Yes,because I'm still new to this kind of ways... I do messed my blogs with too many dilly dally until I can't decide my blogs wud stand for what purpose...But I'll learnt from mistakes. So for time beeing, I'd created 4 blogs . One is my aulia adz blog- cramped with so many things and post via links. Second is my Belle,a Malay blog, the third one is my health-care and the fourth is Basic Educare my Home based Tuition & activities. Now I think I have to build another one to expose my internet biz and all those wonderful affiliate links. In progress-

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My heart told me.

  • My heart said.
  • Cheer up and no fear.
  • Still there is a helper around, dear.
  • Cry not and wiped your tears.
  • Every sadness will then disappear.
  • Living my thoughts so beyond my mind.
  • So deep my love upon the heart sublime.
  • What's gone ever cud not rewind.
  • The hurts must not again counter mine.
  • Lets bygone be bygone and leave it clear.
  • Never again reopen your depth thy inner.
  • Shoot your stars wish for another.
  • Sweet & true love will perfectly do cover...
  • -adz
01.13pm 22th November. Today, got a lot to talk about but it just wudn't blend well to utter in words.I felt confused.To think all way back before my marriage...Life mixed with love was so ludicrously simple as I imagine it will be.Who wudn't feel it when your heart beat tremendously & the nerves jerked shockingly as someone said those 3 magic words, I love u! But it wasn't that easy babe! For me there's so many hazard and obstacle together with a heap of ventures at stake...But I dare risk it just to hear the words...and of course apart from beeing said over and over again, I plunged into marriage life.It was a happy romantic ceremony.My way through... So it was as in fairy tales, married to a handsome prince and live happily ever after. Then the mirracle happened, like a blink of an eye,I gave birth to ten beautiful princesses and charming princes,hooked and abide by their needs and deeds.Year after year,my days were full of laughters,sweetness,in solidarity,sadness and happiness. Engulfed with loves and tendings around me. Yes, absolutely hard works bringing them up but yet utterly satisfaction overwhelmed me.I loved my husband and family. Then the expectation became wild and like a huge Twister, it spin my life and wounded my life. As 'nature' took what was already mine.He was lost to us forever!My life and career erupted over the next few years.My savings entirely gone.What am I going to do with my kids hanging & depends on me? Thats life!There are still living persons who cares.Helps poured down. Suddenly I wake up, try to sit back, then I stand and started to walk. I tried to rake in the dough... Now I'm still struggling & striving upwards for our life.By God's will and pray, I 'll survive. Still, there's completely a long way to step on if we're in a positive mind. No more turning back!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My thoughts again.

05.45pm. Don't know why I'm in for babling term again today.This moment am in my home with the feelings of a loner...(my kids're out for school outdoor games,my youngest infant is also out strolling with her sister.) My time is so free that i cud breath the fresh air and feel it. Even the ambience and it's tranquility are drugging my memories. Whoa...I cud be writing and rambling for hours if this serenity poured into my veins and mind. Okay, what am i going to pluck now?About this coming holiday and the plans? Sounds encouraging emm.. Let me contrive to this.A lot of ways to accomplish the exciting school-holiday- to- be.First thing that cross my mind is the time management. Parents should sought and pin up the schedule all holidays long.There's no playtime without lessons in mind, ought to be games and drill(on subjects) that will be screwing their leasure times.I think one and a half hour is quite contented. secondly is the service to mom & dad,hence to the family. As a member to our great unity or family,there's always a role of give-and-take beeing whelmed in eachone. Make do with this okay.The third one is the fun & enjoy activities.Aha...everybody can enjoy and love this planning-to-be. Parents can decide but please hear out to our kids thoughts and demands if they're not too conceivable. So in a matter of facts,this is it...I cud only lay out what's hanging on mom@teacher'mind about holiday planning should be I'm sure. Happy holiday children! 08.00pm. Back again. Something is in my mind right now.Am thinking about my kids holiday.Of course they'll pick up their grandma's place as their easy solution.Consequently,there're many choice of places situated around Taiping & Kuala Kangsar that can be their target 'cuti-cuti Malaysia'. So lets give 'em something there! Holiday...Just wait for us!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My thoughts today.

Am splashing my mind today over my moments and moments here at home......Times tick by every second as we're too engrosed with our mission & heaps of deals.Even not much to do in a first or second assignment but alas, we should keep on our pace ahead, it's a long way to go actually. Ones never know what is kept for 'em in future. I realise something today after undergo my position as mom.I missed a lot.There's always a responsibility within us that we had to fulfill and failed to realise somehow.As a matter of facts it leads us to another way round.I had too many task to handle and well,I hardly mess it anyway.For example take my daughter as a hit kay. She's a three years sweety and for her age now she's desperately needed lots of love among her family (count her dad out of this).Dealings with so many chores as I mentioned just now, She is absolutely neglected by her 9 siblings that is far older than her.They're at the boarding school,daily school,studies and also having a side-in-come target by temporary work.. Yes, she missed them alright.So,I'm the one who should entertained & pampered her as to boost her feelings. Yeap. I flunked,failed to past the grade of a perfect mom. I have performed my duty by taking care of her spick-and-span,buying her needs,toys and taught her to pray,recite prayers,read Muqaddam,to know alphabets and so. But still there's amiss. I heard her complain about me beeing so busy and abandon her in certain matters.I can if I try hard enough but that's life.We made mistakes and then wake up to remedy and alter the awry, I'm at my best not to topple anyway. Win her love back now even in a small act or whatsever. Not just her but all my kids.I do love you so much kiddo!I'll make it up to an extend ...??!!....if it means to take a bit of my precious time.

Monday, 2 November 2009


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