Sunday, 8 November 2009

My thoughts today.

Am splashing my mind today over my moments and moments here at home......Times tick by every second as we're too engrosed with our mission & heaps of deals.Even not much to do in a first or second assignment but alas, we should keep on our pace ahead, it's a long way to go actually. Ones never know what is kept for 'em in future. I realise something today after undergo my position as mom.I missed a lot.There's always a responsibility within us that we had to fulfill and failed to realise somehow.As a matter of facts it leads us to another way round.I had too many task to handle and well,I hardly mess it anyway.For example take my daughter as a hit kay. She's a three years sweety and for her age now she's desperately needed lots of love among her family (count her dad out of this).Dealings with so many chores as I mentioned just now, She is absolutely neglected by her 9 siblings that is far older than her.They're at the boarding school,daily school,studies and also having a side-in-come target by temporary work.. Yes, she missed them alright.So,I'm the one who should entertained & pampered her as to boost her feelings. Yeap. I flunked,failed to past the grade of a perfect mom. I have performed my duty by taking care of her spick-and-span,buying her needs,toys and taught her to pray,recite prayers,read Muqaddam,to know alphabets and so. But still there's amiss. I heard her complain about me beeing so busy and abandon her in certain matters.I can if I try hard enough but that's life.We made mistakes and then wake up to remedy and alter the awry, I'm at my best not to topple anyway. Win her love back now even in a small act or whatsever. Not just her but all my kids.I do love you so much kiddo!I'll make it up to an extend ...??!!....if it means to take a bit of my precious time.

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