Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My thoughts again.

05.45pm. Don't know why I'm in for babling term again today.This moment am in my home with the feelings of a loner...(my kids're out for school outdoor games,my youngest infant is also out strolling with her sister.) My time is so free that i cud breath the fresh air and feel it. Even the ambience and it's tranquility are drugging my memories. Whoa...I cud be writing and rambling for hours if this serenity poured into my veins and mind. Okay, what am i going to pluck now?About this coming holiday and the plans? Sounds encouraging emm.. Let me contrive to this.A lot of ways to accomplish the exciting school-holiday- to- be.First thing that cross my mind is the time management. Parents should sought and pin up the schedule all holidays long.There's no playtime without lessons in mind, ought to be games and drill(on subjects) that will be screwing their leasure times.I think one and a half hour is quite contented. secondly is the service to mom & dad,hence to the family. As a member to our great unity or family,there's always a role of give-and-take beeing whelmed in eachone. Make do with this okay.The third one is the fun & enjoy activities.Aha...everybody can enjoy and love this planning-to-be. Parents can decide but please hear out to our kids thoughts and demands if they're not too conceivable. So in a matter of facts,this is it...I cud only lay out what's hanging on mom@teacher'mind about holiday planning should be I'm sure. Happy holiday children! 08.00pm. Back again. Something is in my mind right now.Am thinking about my kids holiday.Of course they'll pick up their grandma's place as their easy solution.Consequently,there're many choice of places situated around Taiping & Kuala Kangsar that can be their target 'cuti-cuti Malaysia'. So lets give 'em something there! Holiday...Just wait for us!

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  1. Hai! School Holidays..another headache in trying to decide where and what to do. :) And for those working in hotels..trying to apply for leave during this busy period.
    Hmm..guess it will be balik kampung and spending the weekend playing with her.:)



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