Friday, 25 September 2009


The big day has arrived.I really feel happy within sadness hearing the call out of Takbir, Allahu Akbar Akbar Allahu Akbar!! As usuall it brings tears and a sharp points that pinch my heart! My sight suddenly blurred with the vission of years back...I really missed my dad! (Al-Fatihah) Yeup!I imagine hearing my own giggles and happiness having all the loves from family on this ocassion a long long time ago...beeing pampered,my wish was my dad's command and a whole lot incidents keep on rushing to my mind.But now my turn to giving back the lots to my kids.If it's not similar,just a bit like it...all right! Of course on this day everything looks bright with all the new preparations.Nevertheless,they brought happiness and satisfaction in the sense of celebrating...But did we know what's the best things to perform during this month of Syawal?Yes, we gathered and pray on the first early morning of Eid'l , we bind and ties the friendship in family,friends & relatives where within it the young ones would ask forgiveness from their elders and this is very essential, this is the minutes that adamantly squeeze my feelings, heaven knows what I'd done to hurt their feelings hem... then each paid a visit to those the loved and remembered.Secondly,we definately open our hands to guests and visitors who visit our homes on Hari Raya Puasa and ahaa....they expected to taste a wide variety of delicious cookies, ketupat, lontong, lemang and beef rendang, a spicy dish.I love em' all! Finally,we made it a day and restored in memory. Eid'l is a festival for Muslims so lets perform for the best, Happy Eid'l Fitr and MAAF ZAHIR BATIN!

Monday, 14 September 2009


Days do fly don't they...Nearly approaching new month & cud it a new celebration to forgo?As a mom surely it's so thrill & important to celebrate, a symbol of success having to refrain all the hunger ,misery and lots of obstructions that stand in the way,my family did it, we won! Hence,to get prepared is another thing to think of but my kids are adamant in getting ready with the coming Hari Raya.To them it's a new attire, a new belongings,new shoes,new painted house,new curtains as other neighbours & as a matter of fact,everything new.Yeap..I must do what parents should do eventually and definitely knowing the cost to pay and that could be compromise with them later.Ha..ha..the one that I pick is my decision, how's that for a start? Of course shopping is wonderful. It makes u feel the grip of an upper hand marching ur kids.The feelings of responsibility,loving,giving & representing something to ur family. In the end everybody had their own shares of satisfaction.Me as a mom and dad together with my kids yearning for perfections in family life!Hem, it's a beautifully sweet planning.A way to go at last!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Best Ending days of Ramadhan.

The fasting month is nearly at it's end. How I wish once again I wud stand in the early days of Ramadhan. Every breath I take and each days I go through makes my heart wild with longing to have stop the time, dead on the track! Why, the times is too rocketing and beyond my perfect moments. Sometimes I fret about not having enough times to do everything that I like to do. Ramadhan is a very special month and we cud achieve so much more if we know what it really really means to pray..and fast for the whole perfect month.To know how much love and cares that have been given to muslims everywhere by Almighty Allah swt. To grab the strength and power that Allah bestowed on us and to those who had sacrificed their heavenly and resting nights just to perform the 'ibadah'. Just look back!We wud then regret the leasure,lazy and pending times that we'd spent for nothing; I mean nothing worth the seconds in Ramadhan. So for our's and of course for my own reminder,these few days ending should awaken our minds and eyes to the pleasure in performing ultimately our best 'ibadah'/prayers. DO GRAB FOR IT!


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