Sunday, 26 December 2010

Error in makeup

I do love to makeup but only a bit of my rarely time on doing my face. I always give in if it comes to make over my eyelash & eye-brow, it just come to a disaster. Smeared my face and blacken my eyes even worse enough to see though. So now I learnt something here and wud like to share..... Top 10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

'Ever spot a serious makeup mistake and think, "I wonder if she knows?" Chances are she doesn't, and she'll walk in to her next corporate meeting or parent/teacher conference totally oblivious to her makeup faux pas. Don't let that blurred vision of beauty become you! Review the top ten ugliest and goofiest makeup mistakes women make and give yourself an honest grade. Then share your new found information and make the world a prettier place.

Wrong Foundation Shade.......log in here :-


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