Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Best Ending days of Ramadhan.

The fasting month is nearly at it's end. How I wish once again I wud stand in the early days of Ramadhan. Every breath I take and each days I go through makes my heart wild with longing to have stop the time, dead on the track! Why, the times is too rocketing and beyond my perfect moments. Sometimes I fret about not having enough times to do everything that I like to do. Ramadhan is a very special month and we cud achieve so much more if we know what it really really means to pray..and fast for the whole perfect month.To know how much love and cares that have been given to muslims everywhere by Almighty Allah swt. To grab the strength and power that Allah bestowed on us and to those who had sacrificed their heavenly and resting nights just to perform the 'ibadah'. Just look back!We wud then regret the leasure,lazy and pending times that we'd spent for nothing; I mean nothing worth the seconds in Ramadhan. So for our's and of course for my own reminder,these few days ending should awaken our minds and eyes to the pleasure in performing ultimately our best 'ibadah'/prayers. DO GRAB FOR IT!

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