Friday, 12 June 2009

Gud morning to all, What's 4 breakfast? Just a quick sandwich & light coffee. Emm..a difficult task early morning today coz had to be stern with my kids. They wanted an xtra nap due to late night activities...yeah..I tried 2 be sporting n at the same time knowing the circumstances...go ahead! leaved them 4 about 15 min to settle my house chores & more leasurely n lazily landing!! Everybody up n square out..just straighten up!! So up they go n scaterred doing their so n so..whatever! I pop into my darling youngest daughter is still snoring! Alahai..didn'n have a heart to wake her up! Now my morning duty... wind up! Here I am now, diving into my blog & files. Firstly, had to continue my search..I detected my intro chapter @writing@ 'Teguran Illahi' in wow! I'd forgot all about it this few months lately. So, had to submit a few chapters more from the 5chapters that's been attained. And....another completed manuscript('Aku Terlupa') had been getin' eyeshot by adminstrator from Kaki Novel Alhamdulillah! ...hoping it turned out okay, Insyaallah!

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