Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My quietness & tranquility speak

  • Today,this morning...
  • I read some comments,message & tags.
  • Do I have a choice in getting involved again.
  • To that gender that entangled my veins.
  • No heart no cries ever get me again.
  • To the world of love & dreams so cheer.
  • Today, this moment...I felt my heart cries and yearned.
  • For the lovely scenes that past my time.
  • Missed the tantrums, an enticing asquired.
  • Do I remember dear but dare not steer.
  • Maneuver my life that's so clear, never.
  • Today,this time...
  • Everything went sublimed.
  • No candle lights when we dined.
  • Hurts so deep my heart cried no vain.
  • Why so ruthless my nights was stabbed.
  • Brought hollows & lost to my life in pain.
  • Least of all my happiness turned sharped.
  • Today, I promise again...
  • No, not more... I'll survive and stop.
  • Hopping for someone kiss me and drop...
  • Than hold out the hands in tender so real.
  • To make my hearts alive, tremble n deal.
  • Now...
  • Forgive me as no speaks of giving.
  • No send back loves and submitting.
  • Nothing amist if friendship uderstanding.
  • True heart and feelings will sure worth waiting...

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