Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My mini farmville

It's nice when you had put much effort to something and then had a taste of it later on. It happen a month ago when I kept on teasing my sister & friends over their lingering endless moments on their Farmville at Facebook. They harvest over something clearly seems such a coy. Nothing gain and can be obtained from that action. So I want to show them something of a reality and so I started a project! My project is to digg and top up my 2x2 metre front yard with 3 barrel of red earth which I took from my right neighborhood. After that I levelled it and plant some brinjal & ladies finger(seeds). After 3 weeks of caring and tends to the seedling,which grows into big plants, all the plants started to bear fruits.Wow! Its a wonderful feelings to pluck down the first lady finger and more and more to come after that. The best thing that my back,right and front neighbors had the taste of it too. Aha..of course cook it in so many variety of dishes. Well it's a satisfaction of doing coz you simply had the juices in beeing gud to nature.

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