Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The deepest love of a mother.

I had been clearing my downloading files and had encounter with a message which I neglected so long due to my many unread e-mails. I remembered the story and still am touched by the love prevailed. No words can described but by looking at the picture ...something can be noted! Maybe someday future...somebody will tell the baby about the glory of having the greatest love of a mother and continuously had tasted it till the day she died. The story is about a rescue team in WenChuan,China during their mission at the worst-hit-area. Under the ruin they found a dead mom kneeling & protecting her little baby which was still alive. Beside the sleeping baby they also found a mobile-phone with a message on it. 'my dear and sweet child, if you can survive..just remember that I always love you...'

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