Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Young & sweet in enjoying life.

Time indeed flies or better still, it just rocketing fast, right!My sight is always on Adlina Elisa nowadays to figure out the ongoing life and yes, for sure each smaller living things do grow rapidly. Nevertheless,everything is shifted to a more lightened & buoying up slides that keep on gliding or happening around. Adlina too is keeping trail to so much things along the way. She loves life and enjoying it. She's studying 'em all with lots of energy & concentration as not to say she's under my command in certain issues and matters.I love her and every family does.
Feels like nothing much to write but I think there're many things to say... so for a nice start , let these photos illustrate the activities which engulfed her completely...
Adlina at the colouring contest among kids below 10 years at KB.
Adlina with brother Alan near the big balloon hut at PD.
Another colouring deeply in earnest...
Hi...pick up me as your Miss Photogenic model!
So what to say... more than life can give. Except it with gratitude & pride.
Nothing is perfect and nothing is easily taken when your mind forbid 'em for life is simple as you want it to be.Believe me!

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