Thursday, 9 July 2009

What a day!

Phew! What a day today.To housewives; it seems like a hit-and-run incident, bright shiny day will then change rapidly to rainy day... hanging clothes, outdoors scemes,onlooking goers, neighbours & outings will then have another pin up dockets. The weather is amazingly unpredictable nowadays. I love staying at home.There's a big long work to be done with...u know housework is infinitive,there's no end! This morning my infant was a late riser, surely a ten o'clock kiddo! Mumbling..asking for something to eat. I chased her to the bathroom and had her wind up. But then still smiling, gigling after a few jokes of mine.She's a darling little girl,my sweetheart. Having fun with her dayly is the most valued n cherished moment of my life! What does she know about life? I tell you, there's a lot...she learnt from movies,videos,handset,environment & songs.They taught her enormously... One day, Adlina: Mom, don't hang aroung the tv.It will suck u to death afterwards.I saw it in the movie last night. +: Don't worry about me. I'll survive coz I pray. Adlina: Love you mom. +: Love u too. Another day, Adlina: Mom, come we go to the shop.I'm hungry. +: You just had ur lunch . Adlina: No...(with a sullen face) +: Haa..don't bluff...tell me the truth. Adlina: Yes, really..not yet eating..( scowling at me) +: Nope, no more bluffing. Adlina: Brother Mahi bluff to me just now.He eats but he said not yet.(frowning at his brother) +: Maybe he had made a mistake.No more telling lies, okay. Adlina: Alright..I apologise mom.(She will come running & hug me) Love u mom. +: Luv u lovey.

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