Saturday, 11 July 2009

Surfing through internet....You got pump up directly.

Today,I look at my pin up scedule ...there's a long organise plan hanging.Unfinish project's proposal, a halfway written manuscript, articles for author's area....and all lined up etc. Firstly, of course finishing my tutorial notes on English -parts of speech,then complete tour over my presentations. Hope to post a few...later .Now I'm learning to make read more on my post. Haa...u know what? I had a leasure time surfing all the way around the world. What a remarkable place to plung in and a giant of sources. It makes me feel so enthusiastic n bewitched! By the way I stumble into an interesting article.... To former college students, something to look upon before flying abroad. Top tips for a safe and fun study abroad experience Hence, this goes to my son too who will be studying in Ireland, InsyaAllah

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