Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tonight, free to write and something to highlight... As always, I do love babbling for what I feel liken to do. My mind is swirling and swirling plucking each thoughts...Alas to be shown!
  • Awareness.
  • There is a time to think
  • why so much we had to blink
  • seeing everything all around
  • making life disrupted to the ground.
  • Yes and yes
  • it had a price
  • so please think twice
  • as to become more wise.
  • Mom and kids
  • a family so dear
  • live on trust bit by bit
  • so all are clear
  • to make them nearer
  • abide by rules after
  • not to mention the deeds
  • enjoy in triump
  • not so glum
  • make the world no slum.

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