Thursday, 11 November 2010

Something Is There.

I wake up in the night...seeing the ceiling of my room. Whatelse there is to aspect. Nothing is on the move now. The feelings inside has already burnt down to ashes and the hoping light is too much to gain.I know what had already happened and I knew it wasn't right for me to sit tight and mourned deeply upon it. Stop! I had to open my eyes to so many things in life that cud always lighten my heart ..cherish my day and overcome the sorrow hollow of the yester moment that was doomed at last! Welcome to the happy club...!


  • Something there is buggin' me
  • no stand no stop
  • can't sleep within' the nights
  • there is something left and right.
  • candle and light
  • lighten the darkside
  • make it stop
  • and make it halt
  • no more pain no detain
  • coz I'd suffered again and again.
  • Please be gentle take my breath
  • do give me the last strength
  • to look behind
  • so as to undo all kinds
  • what were there that was opted to do
  • but no and yet none
  • nothing to be done
  • future is something nobody aware
  • it hasten to be everywhere
  • so something is there!
-adz 02.20 am

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