Friday, 19 November 2010


Sights in Penang..? It's Holiday for all. Everybody wants a leasure and lazy long days to mingle with, nothing to do. No works to put your big head into, no assignment to pull ur nose through, not so much lessons to finish & most of all there's no more school works! Yippee! My class? What shud be happening? NO class? Yes but actually not quite none. Still got 3 class session for the primary students. The rest em..having a nice holidaying scatered around Malaysia. How about me & kids? My kids had their own schedule to stick to but then they still got times to be lazying and dwelling around the house.Okay surely I have just given them a little free times to themselves but yet.....something will be snatched from their gifted-time... meaning strolling days, (ex: going to Pasific,PGR swimming club,back to Perak,trishaw-riding around Penang, outing to Kailan,K.Batas & etc)
Hotel Sri Malaysia at Kailan, Kepala batas.
Lots to catch up such as Bukit Mertajam Recrational Forest.
The Snake Temple in Sungai Keluang, Bayan Lepas, is one of the most peculiar temples and probably the only one of its kind in the world. It was built in 1850. Snake Temple Pit Vipers Snake Temple Pit Vipers
Snake Temple.
B0tanical Garden Waterfall.
Yes, there're a lot of places here in Penang that anybody can visit. Interesting and breathtaking views. Come let us explore and illustrate the memories to our life, telling our family,encountances...filling each other with knowledge like in Cuti-Cuti Malaysia...

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