Saturday, 10 October 2009

At last we meet again!

It's been nearly 2 years that I last laid my eyes on her, dearest widowed aunt in Gerik,Perak. Luckily for me,on last Hari Raya I had a quick look in her place along with my loving mom and sis. We started to ride on at about 11 a.m and arrived at 12.30 pm. Yes,on the way, we stop by at the famous 'Ikan Bakar Restaurant' and my sis had a hand in choosing the menu for a take-away lunch.The journey was not too long due to the highway route and it was so much different from our last trip there around last 20 years back as I remembered, it took more hours to reach there. Sure do, a lot of improvement nowadays. By the way 2 of my kids trailed along with me and thank God, they had a peaceful nap by my left and right side, looked like I would had a few minutes to my self and hoping to feast my eyes on the out-looking views. The hours ended sooner than I thought. Phew...we had already parked our cars. So upon our arrival, we kiss & hug lovingly holding each other's hands, having no time in letting out a whole lot of news to be shared and cherished. I still recalled the look of her when she was a lot younger, it turned out to be not much different. She's quite strong and agile compared to her 86 years of old age and my mom 68 years old. I called her Mak Lang Mah as a second sister to my mom and alright,I soon realised they look a lot in common. Amazingly too, she had time to be Guru Quraan to a few children nearby.. She's a dear and we spent about 3hours there... having eaten our ready bought lunch,performed our Jamak(praying time), chat about past years and old photos. Talking about old times sake, she calmly showed us an old albums with a few priceless photos of our ancestors.I felt very impressed of her wise aspiration and courteous act to keep these albums and I gallantly like to share them with my kids. Here is what old folks life beeing shown out & be noticed. Our second destiny was to Padang Assam,visiting Wan cik Sidah, my grandfather's sister near Padang Rengas. She was over 80 too and quite fragile. She only laid down on bed and had already half remembered our names. I was thankful had times with her than. The third relatives is my father's sister which I called Che' Mah.She was really remarkable because on the day we arrived, her grandchild was with her and not to mentioned that she was exactly on her owned,who also succesfully cooped with a few mishaps on that few hours of nursing and had patiently stayed put although she herself was half blind.(p/s:The scar near her eyes and that misfortune happened nearly 3 years ago.) So we nearly had a fright too seeing her like that that day but anyway, we joined happily after everything had been clearly settled . The day was very adventurous and for me, it was worth something in my life. Who knows who will be out of life next day? Just to think about it now...

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