Wednesday, 14 October 2009

'Self pity'...

Times elapse without notice and soon it struck back hard into our mind so acutely that we hardly breath. Where is our past life ? What had happened? Why? To be feelings this bad over oneself is not wise as there's no self pity can heal anything, hence to forgo our future or vice versa. Yeah..Sometimes ones are truly busy cooped up with house chores, caught up in an endless work and also attending to the need of others.There're so many things to do and too little time for one self, and for ones need.Can we abandon our needs just to slave ourself for others?Does it help to restore our happiness then?Why don't we spare some times to ourself too, which includes sleeping well, eating properly, relaxing and having a good quality time. Be fair and pampered yourself as it wud sucked a lot of good things and reflect back to shine everybody arounds you. If you had neglected yourself for a very long time so this is it... you could do some changes..and find true happiness. KEEP ON DREAMING BUT DON'T FORGET TO WALK ON TOWARDS YOUR DESTINY AND REVEAL YOUR DREAMS...-adz HAPPINESS......It's not a matter of how much you possess. It's a matter of warmth,understanding and loving.

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  1. Hi Aulia :)
    Yes..this was just what I was feeling last year. When your kid is small, u are the centre of her world. But as she grows, has friends..then suddenly you were left with plenty of time on your hand. Where has all the years gone to?
    :) keep your chin up. Take some time to do things that you enjoy.



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