Monday, 27 September 2010

Dedicated to Dr.Raja Muhd Burhanudeen Afiq

  • Dear son,
  • I'm proud
  • I am really happy for you.
  • The departure was real and true
  • you're there in Ireland
  • to gain success & virtue.
  • My son,
  • I'm proud
  • the way you handle the groups
  • that day
  • at the KLIA
  • your family and relatives were supporting
  • your best & true friends were dwelling
  • your secret admires were waiting
  • everybody needed your nearness
  • wanting your closeness
  • but you fulfilled 'em all
  • with your quick step
  • with your sweet smile
  • in your eyes and in your motion
  • tells the appreciation
  • tells the gratefull of a man
  • who clearly naive about the trip
  • yet had a big heart
  • sharing the loves among us all.
  • -adz
_______________________________________________ The Departure! On 25th, was my son's departure to Dublin,Ireland. Yes, the proudness & happiness was welcoming but the small painful hollows squizing inside me yet too deep to shudder. Too many people wanted to share the feelings of triump he helds... Let's the photo do the talkin' !!

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