Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The days of my life keep on going through elapse of time.No matter how and what but it will go on and on sweeping all activities along & wrapped together by already done acting & motion. There's surely time that we encountered with lots of topsy-turvy but no fear there's a way to solve and straighten 'em all. I love my family and always find a way to make them happy. To entertain them is easy enough coz they didn't ask too much exactly. Shopping,strolling around the Mall, eating at KFC or Pizza Hut and taking a ride on the Ferry are just what they need to fill the day. ____________________________________________ Previous Post. Quality time usually can be shatered by the unorganised decision maker,thats me! One of the million single mom I think who had to rush all over to settle it might be looked upon by someone though. Hence, it cud change as this mom had already awakened and mingled with folks around the world continue...

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