Sunday, 21 February 2010

Now I realise!

'Tears of my sweetheart.' Gently the weavy and feeble fingers bent, clearing the tears that tends to drip. The heart can stop beating in a moment as my heart cried out in misery that's heap. To see the sadness and beauty wounded her, Why must I let it be... all the hurts showing over... and how little that she knew the cruel world awaits her virtue. Dry back your tears my sweet baby, coz mom always by your side and chase your worry. -adz. Business nowadays definitely tiring and exhausting. Sometimes, within our practically functions, we gained momentums which regretfully in another week, for certain will be decending vigorously to obtain our worries. Hence, we do need motivations to erase back all the droughts that clowded our minds and sooner climb up the ladder back. Get a grip for yourself and relax. We earned our own salary so we had the pleasure to spent as we like it. Go on...get yourself a really great holiday as a desired goal to look back again once in a while. I remembered the times when I slaved myself to the works and other things that turn out to be a catchy little routine in my life. It really broke one's back though. But I take it for granted that wife,mom and daughter should shoulder their family's mess and of course to be their beck-and-call. As I grew older and wiser, I make up my mind that this must be stop instantly. I ought to peer into my medical report often. Yeah...I'm getting weary and wretched, in my own misery. At last no more buckle down and so I raise up my head to look upon another turning as if turning over a new leaf I guess. One thing I know now is that, there's always a fair deal in giving and taking! I love my kids and hope to be there in their needs.

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