Thursday, 7 January 2010

Howdi!'s been nearly a month no post here I guess. Don't know why my time really cramped with so many things to list lately.With tis new year season coming, sure becomes more ritual hectic as usuall. I kinda miss my leasure time and partially idling along at home but moments do pass by unnotice though. I do love blogging and that invites many new links and net working to be smooth out promptly especially my survey hours. Btw it cost me to loose a big deal of USD by my unforgetable peeping-Tom towards my e-mail, so my survey hours was excuted and there's no questions to be answered in the end. Okay enough about that. Now my mind wondering to the newly boarding-to-University. Hope she mix well and mingled just nicely with other graduates. Truthfully deep in my heart, I do miss my girl. Aha... thats mom out feelings to be known. Don't know why I actually forgot to snap a few photos of my kids when they have gone away for studies. Yes, the separation is a heartache and hurts. Yet it gave us time to rewind back all the good past times for having spent with them and make we, mothers geting to know them better. Lastly we knew than, that it brings back them close to our heart. Hence, it straighten back the bind and ties among families. So these all mumble-jumble talking about them now is bringing tears to me and I rather stop now at least that would ceased my already quicken heart beat. Hasta la vista mein amour`.


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  2. Ghee Zul,I thought this blog of mine is cramped with a lot of ingredients & spices so I manage to launche another 4 blogs + specific title. Just refer to my profile below kay. Thanks again 4 ur support.



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