Friday, 18 November 2011


Tonight, its really stung my inner-side with the cold-cold breeze that drifted inside my room through the open window.5 minutes to 2.00a.m and I'm still at my desk with my lap-top and blogs. Yeah... a little bit sleepy from the weary time today which I had in performing tuition class for my students. Love to write more but nearly drowsing now. Guess am trying to think about something that cud alert my mind and I'll get credit for that coz knowing ' a poem' may bring out the will of strength in me! Lets scroll on...
'**Night and night
the dark will spark
left alone and keep on alone
nobody to touch and none to mown.
Dreadful past lingered near
how sad a night cud be
years of darkness and fear
engulfed 'em be.
Stop sickening ,stop chattering
for no one is there when you needed a lair.
Animal no touch but yet still glare
for humanity is nowhere in glee.
Care to dance and care to sing
adjust all but no exception
oneself must bear the fruit of life
be the star and beat the war
make the universe shout with glory
whimpering tears that rolling clear.
Tonight is the night we pair
wish they simply adhere
this night is gleaming fear
cry not dear dry up tears
for this journey had only just begun! ***'
-adz 2.25 a.m

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