Monday, 14 February 2011

Salam Maulid

There're everywhere now, the celebrations of ceremony & events to remind all muslim of our beloved Prophet's birthday, Muhammad (pbuh). As Muslim, we had a way in expressing our love & devotion and of course they're actually different in a way of doing them.
What will the routine celebration shud be?
In the morning, after the compulsary dawn prayers, all Muslim recites verses from the Holy Quran and also some begin reciting songs and goodwill that are known as 'selawat & salam', 'dzikir' & other religious recitations to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). After having breakfast that had been prepared, Muslims will then go to the designated place where more bigger official Maulidul Rasul ceremony will be held..
But way out here,there 're only Guru and Ustad who gives talk and enliven the ceremony with the simplest event. Nevertheless, all well and ended well as long as we do remember and pressing ourselves to be one of those who feel sincere to be Muhammad's (pbuh) followers.

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