Saturday, 9 October 2010

My activities.

Like I always said is too fast and we surely will be left far behind if not striking towards future. What is our options or any work or chores to do???? Me? I love filling my time with house chores, teaching my student, blog walking,writing and there's a time I like beeing just a simple poet with poems to wonder and jot. I love to watch and love every minute of my kids' drama in life... 'Senior siblings are watching the plan that's hovering the youngest' "Look ! She's trying to keep and hide her money in her purse..." "Alright..let us see what's next." "She will ask for more then..ha..ha..." Another.... Have to wake up my kids starting from the girls' room... ...and feed them.... Yup...finishing up my work..writing...marking students' papers & exercises..etc..& etc...Sometimes I join relatives visiting the older ones.. like uncles and aunts. Beeing near them is making us close & united back after all these years of spending everybodies own ways of lives. Yet..these is life and I'm bz working it out..!

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