Saturday, 5 December 2009

Family...Hem, talking about family and holiday...well I 'm in debt with my kids. I promise to spend times & holidaying with them to their grandma's place but sorry!No gain and all in vain! I heard that big brother wanted to demolish the attached old house and built a new one. Wow! A long wait that is. So I phone mom to make sure and cancel Perak...Then, I quickly brought 4 of my kids perpetually to Jaya Jusco without haste and in the end,had really swirled off at the family entertaining corner.Poor tokens, bought and thrown.We spent one hour playing games & riding the 'multiply vehicles' there. Thank God, they had really gained happiness with marvelous & terrific moments there.Soon,I realised but too late knowing that I'd made holes in my huu..but loving is a weird feelings.We sometimes can be too maddening to ensure the happiness of the beloved ones.Willing to sacrifice,work harder,spare & spent times and even made mistakes for their loves.Oops...cudn't load my photos... Yes,it can wait!

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