Wednesday, 4 March 2009


5th March'09
* just finishing my Malay manuscript.. a third manuscript actually.. I'm just a simple mom with so many house chores to topple with.. I'm working too as a tutor in my own house & in my own tuition cubicle he he.. my class is on Tue,Wed & Thurs in morning, evening & night. I'll settle my chores just between the classes.
* 2 of my kids studying at college, a daughter waiting 4 the SPM result, 2 kids in the morning school & 2 more in the afternoon. 2 in KL, just finish studying.. doing business under site construction & the youngest.. cutest.. stay with me of course. I love my kids & will do something... anything...more... to keep them going, ok
p/s: My elder son, Irsyad (Pending his studies to gain more skill & xperience...recently working as an assistant side-supervisor in a construction field).
'when the going gets tough... the tough gets going!' - Quote Joseph P. Kennedy.
p/s: this is a view of my smart second son, Afiq which is still studying in his third semester at Kolej Mara Banting ..
My third kid, Nurin and her youngest sister... Adlina Elissa.
Nazirul Mubin.... My 4th kid, now in MRSM Jasin, Melaka.
Al-Mahi & Alanna The fifth & the sixth kid of mine.
Ahmad Fadhlan & Liya Maziyyah, 7th and 8th kid... they are the apple of my eyes!
* By the way...want a peep at my manuscript? care to read & comment? Just wait....

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